Visual Arts and Film Studies

Visual Arts and Film Studies

Project description
Clothing Store Assessment
Conduct a Clothing Store Assessment utilizing the questions below. Participate in this assignment as fully as possible; that is, try clothes on models; look closely at prices; types of deals/offers; types of attitudes, display, and presentation of models; labels and sizing; where items are made, etc.

As a group, write a descriptive response of your experience that is built upon these questions. This suggests going beyond a mere quick response to each question. Please cite supporting sources (i.e. readings) throughout your group response. Share your findings with others in the class.
Go to an online location that sells clothing–any type, any place.

1. Where are you? What brought you to this place or why did your group select it?

2. Describe the store’s atmosphere and the style(s) of clothing, accessories, or other customizations they offer. What are the artistic elements found in the store and/or items for sale?

3. What image are the items selling? If you had to describe the “idea” of these items to your best friends, how would you do so?

4. How are individuals in ads, mannequins, models, etc. portrayed related to these types of items? How are individuals who are wearing these types of items customizing themselves?

5. Who are the targeted groups (age, economic, gender, sex, style, etc.) for this store? What about the store and/or clothing tells you this?

6. What gender roles are expressed through the items offered in this store as well as through its aesthetic experience? How are gender roles and appearance targeted? How do you know?

7. Are any “isms” represented here (ageism, racism, classism, sexism, ableism, and so forth that is a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy purposefully prejudiced toward others)? If so, what and how?

8. What would an store opposite this one be like in terms of art and gender? Find one example and talk about how it fulfills this function.

9. How does this particular store/fashion style influences gender roles, customizations, and fashion in the broader culture?

10. How do your observations relate to this week’s readings? Be specific. Cite sources.

11. Any other comments, questions, or notes you would like to make?


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