Visual Arts and Film Studies

Visual Arts and Film Studies

Project description
After reading and viewing the texts for this module, choose one Rasa to focus on: you must explain the idea, variations of, and examples of expressions of that rasa. Pick clips and images to illustrate ways in which it has been interpreted -you may choose from the clips and images presented in this class, in any of the modules; or you may choose a clip from a non-South Asian artform, and explain how you think that can be read as an example of rasa theory.

The format of this assignment is open to your choice. For instance, you may choose to respond to this assignment in a formal academic paper, or as a youtube video; or as a photo-essay; or as a fully explanatory powerpoint presentation; or as a piece of creative writing; or an infographic or poster; have fun with this one and be as creative as you want!

Remember to include the references for the images and readings you include in your response.
If you are taking screen shots or attaching images, do remember to include your image with the writing!


Sharma: Introduction & Overview.
Rangacharya: Rasa theory (from Bharata’s Natyashastra)
Sharma: Bollywood and Beyond.

Daheja: Art, Experience & the viewer (This is an optional text for you if you havent completed Module 1 yet: if you have completed Module 1, you should have already read this one!)

Hoek: Film Projection & Cinema audience in Bangladesh (This is an optional text for you if you are interested in looking at non-Indian cinema, that is impacted by Bollywood. You may also use it as a reference to support your writing)

Associated visual texts: (The written texts will hopefully make more sense when you view these examples. You must also view these in order to complete the assignment for this module).
The Navarasa (nine rasas) in Odissi dance (one of the many classical dance forms of the region): (2:04 mins)

Nautanki trailer (English): (2:17 mins)

Contemporary Nautanki (hindi): (9:54 secs – watch at least 5 mins to get a sense of the art form)

Layering traditions of expression: Shyamali presents Laila-Majnu (from Aaja Nachle 2009):



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