the growing divorce cases in today society

the growing divorce cases in today society

Project description
Choose a social problem which is interesting to you. It should be a problem (or research question) which can be scientifically examined. The assignment simply consists of describing the key components in examining this social problem.

You are expected to specify:

The Research Problem. Be specific, clear and precise. Describe in a page or two why this problem is interesting to you.

2. The Concepts you have used in the problem.

Make use of conceptual and operational definitions.

The Units of Analysis. Pay special attention to this. Specify the units of analysis required by the problem you have chosen.


The Hypothesis or Hypotheses related to the Problem.

Normally, a research problem requires two or more hypotheses, in which case you will have to specify what follows – that is, (5) and (6) – for each hypothesis.

Therefore, it is wise to restrict the number of your hypotheses!


The Variables involved in the hypothesis(es). For each variable specify whether whether the variable is : Discrete or Continuous; Dependent or Independent .


The Relationship: What relationship do you expect between the dependent

variable and the independent variables.
NOTE— this is assignment is written by Essay Company before under the same topic few days ago, and i got feedback from my teacher here is the feedback ( Hello there,

your report has minimal relevance to this course. It appears that you misunderstood the assignment requirements. You provide background on the topic (divorce), but minimal information on how to begin research on the topic. (This is part 1 of the assignment, with little of parts 2-6.)

You should reread the first few lectures, as well as chapters 1-2 of the textbook.

The expectation is that you will submit an outline of the introduction to a simple research project;

stating the key variables, along with conceptual and operational definitions of each.

You are to then state the hypothesized relationship among your variables.

You will also state whether your operationalizations of the variables, yield discrete or continuous data.) i honestly need it as exactly he mentioned. i am taking Sociology 2206 thank you




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