Summary of J.R. McNeil's The World According to Jared Diamond

Summary of J.R. McNeil’s The World According to Jared Diamond
Project description
You are seeking to demonstrate the skills of reading complex material, and then summarizing the author’s thesis, central arguments and the type of evidence the author uses to further the argument. This assignment demands that you summarize an extended work, which in itself can be difficult to condense. An effective précis maintains the author’s structure of his or her work, and it also retains the arguments and logical cohesiveness of the original piece. In other words, the précis is a shortened version of the article. It is concise, and often no more than two pages (500 words), or two well-developed paragraphs. It will also show me that you have the capability to identify these important elements within an article.


Read J.R. McNeill’s The World According To Jared Diamond. Summarize the author’s thesis (or his/her intent), key arguments, and main points. Like a summary, a précis employs a neutral tone. Do not evaluate the author’s work in any way. When I am finishing reading the précis, I should have a clear understanding of what the article entails. Do not employ any quotes; every word should be your words. The ideas, however, will clearly be the author’s; therefore, you do not need any citation. You may write an optional third paragraph that gives a reaction to the article; if you choose to do so, then please put the subheading Reaction before the paragraph. Please note: this means that your paper will be 750 words. Put the word count at the end of the paper. In addition, I do want you to give me a bibliographic citation in the Chicago Manual of Style at the bottom of the page. Upload your papers into D2L in MSWord format; use Times New Roman or Baskerville font, 12 point




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