Strategic Operation Managemen

Strategic Operation Management

Structure of the Assignment
• Summary or Abstract
• Introduction – introduce the company(s), and the topics you will focus on
Literature review – identify key journal articles on your topic, review them to identify themes that you want to include in your analysis. Include any models or figures that will help your analysis (It’s analysis NOT description)
• Analysis – conduct an analysis of the company
• Recommendations – write what you recommend to the company
• 25 References – include all sources that you use/ Citing and Referencing should be in the Cardiff university / Harvard Style

• Length 3000 words
• Diagrams are encouraged but must be referenced if you have not devised them yourself. All sources must be credited. All assignments will run through Turnitin.
• OPTION 1 – Operations strategy analysis of one company
• Choose an organisation, company, or business and provide an strategic operation management analysis of its activities that makes clear the key strategic OM decisions it has made and their effect on its success or failure. The analysis should include any relevant models treated in the course or described in the course text.
• OPTION 2 – Operations strategy analysis of two companies
• Analyze, compare and contrast two organisations that illustrate some aspect or aspects of strategic
OM. The two examples can treat the same aspects of strategic OM or relate to different areas of
the subject. Each example should be accompanied by an analysis of how it illustrates some aspect
of strategic OM.
1. Make your paper more academic.
2. You have to illustrate why you chose to focus on any performance objectives like quality, it is important to do analyses using the Operations Strategy Matrix, By introducing The operations strategy matrix in Literature review then use it to help you illustrating the analysis.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: (It’s up to you, you can chose only capacity and supply network, and analyse their impact on the performance objectives, and bear in mine the resource usage and market competitiveness)


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