Simple logistic regression

Binomial Logistic Regression/ Simple Logistic Regression

This is used to predicts if an observation falls into one of categories of dichotomous dependent variables based one or more dependent variables

  1. Click Analyze- Regression- Binary Logistic

-the logistic Regression dialogue box opens

  1. Transfer the dependent variable into the dependent box and independent variables into the Covariates box.
  • For standard logistic regression, you should ignore the Previous and the Next buttons because they are for sequential (hierarchical) logistic regression.
  • The Method: Option needs to be kept at the default value which is “ENTER”
  • The enter method is the name given by SPSS statistics to standard regression analysis
  1. Click the Categorical button.

-the Logistic Regression: Define Categorical Variables dialogue box

– SPSS statistic requires you to define all the categorical predictor values in the logistic regression model.


  1. Transfer the Independent, categorical variable from the Covariates box to the Categorical Covariates: box.
  2. In the Change Contrast area, Change the Reference Category from the Last Option to First Option. Then click the Change Button.
  • Whether you choose Last or First will depend on how you set up your data.
  1. Click the Continue button.
  • You will return to the Logistic Regression dialogue box.
  1. Click the Option button.
  • You will be presented the Logistic Regression: Option
  1. In the Statistics and Plots area, click the Classification plots, Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit, Casewise listing of residuals and CI for exp(B): options, and in the Display area, click the At last step option.
  2. Click the Continue button.

-you will be returned to the Logistic Regression dialogue box

  1. Click the Ok button to generate the output.
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