Service Learning Presentation

Service Learning Presentation
Project description
This will be a group presentation composed by three people, so I need three different responces for each question. We did the service learning at the same agency, in the Single Stop Deparment at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus, you can find informacion at this website Here you can see the services that they offer,what is the organization about.

Slide 2: Give detailed answers to these questions: would you do
Service-Learning again? Why or why not? Would you choose the
same agency again? Why or why not?
Argumentation and Moral Theories
3) Slide 3: Write a Modus Ponens that contains your argument for
which Moral Theory best describes how your service site works.

Slide 3 will look like this:

P1: If X then my service site makes decisions based on Y
moral theory.
P2: X

The Xs and Ys are blank spots for you to fill in for your argument.
Here’s how you fill them in.
X= the observations you’ve made about how your site works. For
example, does it show a lot of respect for individual autonomy? Does it
assume that we have certain absolute moral duties? Describe the
observations you’ve made.
Y=the moral theory that fits your service site best. Here are possible
1) Cultural Relativism
2) Divine Command Theory
3) Ethical Egoism
4) Feminist Ethics
5) Utilitarianism
6) Kant’s Absolute Moral Rules
7) Moral Skepticism
4) Slide 4 will contain your subarguments—your defenses and reasons
for your first premise.
Service Learning and “Good Citizenship”
There is a debate about service learning and its purpose: is it apolitical or
political? Here are two quotations that show each side of the issue.
Apolitical: “Higher education remains a key institutional force in our
culture that can respond [to social problems] and can do so without
a political agenda.” (Campus Compact,

Political: “Civic engagements in the democratic-centered paradigm
is intentionally political in that students learn about democracy by
acting democratically.” (Saltmarsh & J., Hartley, M. To Serve a Larger
Purpose: Engagement for Democracy and the Transformation of Higher Education:
Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2011)
5) Slide 5: Explain which side you agree with. To explain, respond to the
following questions. Do you think the role of education is to create informed,
ethical citizens or not? Are we expecting too much of the education system if
we ask it to create good citizens? Are we giving the education system too
much power to decide what it means to be a good citizen?
6) Slide 6: One of the purposes of education in general, but especially of
Service Learning, is to create good citizens. Do you think your service helps
you to become a good citizen? Why or why not? If yes, how did you become
a better citizen? If not, why not?
7) Slide 7: To defend your point of view, give 2 or 3 examples from your
service experience or invent some “thought experiments” that support your



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