Research Paper, Engineering and Construction

Research Paper, Engineering and Construction

The Political and Legal Influences of Wireless Electricity
Project description
The following Required Elements must be researched and included in the final project. What follows is a list only, and is in no way an outline:
• Political and legal influences

To properly analyze the various elements of the project, research will cut across disciplines and include academic, scientific and industry sources.

In the outline, each heading and subheading is given in single words or brief phrases. To subdivide a heading into subheadings, there must be at least two subsections. Use numbers and letters to indicate the level of your headings, for example:
I. Description of the Technology
a. Science that drove the technology
b. Applications of the technology
II. History of the Technology
a. A brief timeline
b. An analysis of social factors that drove the technology
Be consistent with your choice of phrases, making sure they are grammatically parallel.

If you have the following section, you might want to explore the connections that comprise that discipline:

Political Causes/Effects: Look at government policy, government intervention, government involvement (support or lack of support, funding), both nationally and internationally. Consider Congress, the President, the Supreme Court (decisions), the rate of change, liberalism, conservatism, legislation, litigation, etc. What political factors are at work in the progression or regression of the technology (e.g. lobbyists, special interest groups, partisan views, vocal advocates or spokespersons)? For example: The Americans with Disabilities Act was designed to prevent discrimination and encourage accessibility to public facilities; it impacted architects, companies, organizations and persons with disabilities through the installation of ramps (wider doors, lower knobs/handles, larger restroom stalls), the use of assistive devices in schools and in the workplace, hiring practices and lawsuits against employers, etc.



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