problem and policy

problem and policy
present your problem and policy, and answer any questions from the class on your paper. One should be able to review your presentation in 10-15 minutes. A better put together presentation will incorporate any changes based on the suggestions from the student reviewers or the professor. It will also integrate the reviewers’ questions holistically into the presentation (while making sure to note when a specific question is being answered).

Prezi Policy Presentation Grade Breakdown
60 – Content (information included, answers/addresses questions/comments from students)
40 – Professionalism (grammar, typos, flow of argument, correct citations/sources, credibility of sources used, readability/viewing ease of the presentation, integration of the questions and comments, etc.)
Answer students` questions

1- Chelsea Wilson
overall I thought that the content of your paper was very detailed and thorough. It taught me so much about the environment. Some suggestions that I would make about grammar is to double check that all proper nouns are capitalized (for example, “The Act”) and to check the proper usage of a semi-colon between sentences (for example page 13 & 14). It is my understanding that there must be a complete sentence on both sides of the semi-colon in order for it to be used correctly. Also, I think that instead of starting a paragraph with “according to a study..” you might be able to utilize some better transitions into the next topic. It seemed that many paragraphs were started this way.
Some questions I have about the topic are: 1. Does the government have a specific goal for the level of pollution they want to get to and what amount of pollution is “manageable”? 2. Do you know how many different illnesses or hospital visits are due to the pollution? My aunt was having some trouble breathing a few years ago. Her doctor said that the only way for her to truely get better is to move out of California. She now lives in Illinois and is not having any more breathing problems. I am curious how many people would have better health if they left high-pollution areas.
2- Lisandra Bento
Air pollution in Los Angeles was a great topic choice for your paper. It is something that many of Southern California’s worry about. It is something that is a current problem and policies have been put into place to help levitate the pollution levels. I think the Federal Air Act, was a great choice of policy to analyze.
Overall your paper was written well and it was easy to read. You did a good job at explaining the problem and I like how you threw statistics out of how pollution us effecting the Los Angeles residents. One of the most alarming research evidence you gave was how autism births might be related to air pollution.
I do have some constructive criticism for your paper that you might be able to use. One of the things I though you could have gave more examples on was the “individuals” as stakeholders. You gave some information, but I thought you could have used better examples to why they are stakeholders in the Federal Air Act. I also thought you could have mentioned more tools that are used to implement the policy. For instance you mentioned permits, grants, and models, but I would have liked to see other tools mentioned that possibly include the public.
Good job on your paper. I enjoyed reading it and I learned a lot. I think this is an important topic to review. You got a lot of support to your argument on air pollution within Los Angeles.
1) You mentioned that 47% of Los Angeles residents feel that the pollution has gotten worse from the last 10 years; do you feel policies like these are really working?
2) I read something in the news the other day stating that Americans are upset that they are taking high measures to reduce air pollution, while other parts of the world are not. Do you feel that other parts of the world should play a high role in reducing air pollution?

3- Darryl Scott
Upon reading your paper, you did a good job of identifying the problem of pollution, and the some of the reasons why the increased air pollution is on the rise. As a resident of California, I am all too familiar with air pollution in the Los Angeles basin. We know that pollution is a major health concern and has a negative effect on the ozone layer, animals, and plant life. I felt your paper was well written with good use of references through-out your paper. I understand based on my reading the concept of the act, however, you mentioned global warming but provide very little data on the correlation between air pollutants and global warming.
As I read your paper you did a good job of tracing the origins of pollution and why it was created. This data gave me a foundation to work from. You mentioned a few stakeholders, but I believe more should have been mentioned to help sell your points. What was also good about your paper was the breakdown of the act in terms of what it was designed to do, and when. Since we know this act will negatively affect private businesses, I believe more information could have been providing detailing the impact on them.
What was the final incident that led to the creation and implementation of the Act?
Has the Act had a positive impact on the lives of the people of California?
What did the private sector do or have done to comply with the Act?


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