Demonstrates a working knowledge of the relevant content in the lower secondary/middle school

Preparing for Out of Phase Placement One

You will require a minimum of Level 3 ( satisfactory on all 16 asterisked (*) 16 statements) to pass the Final Report for 7761EDN and 7741EDN.
To assist, you should write in the column provided on the right , one key strategy that you will use to ensure you do your best to meet that criterion
Planning and preparation
Assessment Criteria Strategies/Sources of information to ensure you achieve this satisfactorily
1.1 *Demonstrates a working knowledge of the relevant content in the lower secondary/middle
1.2 *Demonstrates a working knowledge of the curriculum in the secondary/middle school in the two
identified teaching areas
1.3 * Demonstrates the ability to plan single lessons moving to a sequence of lessons
1.4*Uses accurate literacy and numeracy skills

Teaching Skills
2.1* Demonstrates the ability to deliver a sequence of lessons independent of interventions by the
supervising teacher
2.2*Demonstrates a range of strategies to include all learners in the class.
2.3Uses a range of strategies for engaging all students in the learning
2.4* Uses accurate literacy skills and numeracy skills during teaching.

3.1*Consistently gives clear and assertive instructions in a professional manner
3.2 Applies a range of positive/proactive and reactive strategies for managing behaviour
3.3*Routinely checks for understanding
3.4*Consistently provides effective questioning techniques
3.5 Provides effective feedback in writing and verbally to individual students on their learning

Professional Behaviour
4.1* Communicates clearly and in a timely fashion with supervisors and colleagues
4.2* Demonstrates professional conduct for example, maintains a standard of dress appropriate to
the placement context, is punctual
4.3* Maintains professional relationships with students and colleagues

Reflective practice
5.1* Follows supervisor’s advice and attempts to implement suggestions
5.2* Participates where appropriate in out-of-class school activities
5.3* Fulfils the written requirements of the professional experience and has these documents
available for the supervising teacher, school coordinator and university liaison
5.4 Demonstrates the development of critical reflective thinking


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