Political Science

Political Science

Films:  Paradise Lost: The Robin Hills Child Murders
Paradise Lost II: Revelations
(Both films on Netflix DVD, both films on reserve at Ayala Library)

Research “The Innocence Project”.
Research the case of the West Memphis Three.

This is a riveting story.  I recommend that you watch both the first and second films and your opinions will most likely change from the first to the second.  If you

only watch one, then watch the second one.

The second film tells how the first one was made and suggests that the West Memphis Three may be innocent.  The films have been highly reviewed, and a third film was

released in 2011 supporting their innocence.  Last summer, on August 19th, the West Memphis Three were freed although not declared innocent.

At the end of your documentary review, connecting the film to course content, please address these questions.

1.  There was no forensic evidence implicating them for this crime.  What do you think was the major reason for their convictions?

2.  The release of the West Memphis Three has been controversial – an Alford Plea Agreement.  What were the details of the plea agreement?

3.  What position did the prosecution have on the plea agreement?  What was the position of the defendants?  What position did the victim’s families take?  One of the

families opposed the plea agreement, which one and why?

4.  There has been criticism of the media attention on this case over the years.  Which celebrities were visibly supporting their release?  How did celebrities hope to

affect the case?

5.  What is the criticism of the celebrity involvement in this case?

6.  Do you think it helped the defendants?  Did it affect justice in this case?  Why or Why not?

7.  Where are they today?


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