Multiple regression

Multiple regression

This is an extension of simple linear regression, used when we have to predict the value of a variable based on known values of two or more variables. It is used to also to determine the overall fit of the model and the contribution of each of the predictors to the total variation.

To run a multiple regression

  1. Click analyze menu- regression- linear
  • The linear regression dialogue box will appear.
  1. Select a variable from the left of the box- then click the first transfer arrow to the Dependent box
  2. Select a second variable from the left of the box- then click the second arrow to the Independent(s) Click continue
  3. Click the statistic button and in addition to the options that are checked by default, select the Confidence interval in the Regression coefficients area.
  4. Click Ok

The output includes the model summary, statistical significance, and estimated model coefficients


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