modern business environment

modern business environment

CW2 (1,500 word report)
Write a report that analyses how organisations resource talent in a modern business environment. Then go on to discuss the motivational theory of Frederick Herzberg and how the principles involved may be applied to improve the working environment and help retain talented individuals. Please ensure you write in the third person throughout and write in a report format (1,500 words).
– NOTE:Management Report Structure

– Executive summary: Maximum one side A4 (not included in the word count).
This is a brief summary of all that is in your full report:
Don’t worry that this is ‘giving the game away’ – that is exactly what an executive summary should do i.e. SUMMARISE the report

– Introduction
• Explain the purpose of the report what does it aim to do (refer to the assignment question).
• Explain how your work addresses the task will go about the task. Explain the order of your work – how will the flow of your argument/discussion be presented and what will you conclude from this?
In this report you have a very limited word count so do not waste time here. A maximum of two paragraphs should achieve this.

– Main report
• Divide this section up into relevant sections using subheadings to help to ‘signpost’ the reader through the report.
• Ensure you answer all the elements of the question that have been asked
• In this report you should use most of your word count on this section. Divide this evenly between each section of the question to ensure you have enough time to go into depth in each area.
• Do not waste words just describing what is done, instead,focus on analysing WHY as reasons and analysis will gain you higher grades

– Conclusion
Draw together the key points from the main body of your report
Note there should be no new information provided in this section – you are simply drawing the strands of your discussion and argument together at this point.


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