"Minitab 17" project, real-life statistical problem related to quality control

“Minitab 17” project, real-life statistical problem related to quality control
Project description
the course table content is attached, have to chose topic related the course materials

Your project must involve applying some of the methods you learned in this class to a real-life statistical problem
related to quality control. (Your project should be a learning experience and provide a practical application of
something you have learned this quarter. It can even be fun!!) It must include the following:
1. De?nition of the problem. Identify the variable or variables which you will be studying and explain the purpose
of your project.
2. Collection of data. An appropriate number of samples of the variable(s) of interest must be selected. Describe
how your data was collected/obtained. Be sure to include your data in your write-up (as an appendix).
3. Data analysis. This will involve creating one or more control charts or doing an experimental design and
analysis of some sort. Explain why your method of analysis is appropriate. You may use Minitab or another
statistical package to perform the calculations.
NOTE: If you create an X¯ chart, be sure to also create a R or S chart with it!
Note: You may need to perform some analysis, reach a conclusion, and then perform some further analysis.
(For example if your control chart indicates a process is out of control due to an assignable cause, remove the
sample(s) from consideration and redo your chart, 3-sigma limits, etc.)
4. Summary and Conclusion. You must draw conclusions based on the data analysis in the previous step, such
as “The parameter is meeting speci?cations.”. Remember, you must always justify what you are doing and/or
conclusions you are making!
Your project should be submitted in report style

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