Multivariate analysis of variance is ANOVA but with more than one dependent variables. It test difference in means between two or more vectors of means.


  1. In the main menu go to Analyze- General Linear Model- Multiple
  2. Transfer all the dependent variables into the Dependent variables box and the Independent variables into the Fixed Factor(s) box
  • For MANOVA you don’t need to use the covariate(S) box
  1. Click the Option button.
  2. In the dialogue box that opens select the Descriptive Statistics in the Display area
  3. Click the continue button to go back to the multivariate dialogue box
  4. Click the ok button to display the output.



Amongst all the many tables displayed as output, focus your attention on Descriptive Statistics and Multivariate Tests table. The Descriptive statistics provide the mean and standard deviation of the dependent variables

The multivariate tests table provides an insight of the different multivariate tests statistics such as Pillai’s Trace, Wilks’ Lambda, Hoteling’s Trace and Roy’s Largest Root. These tests provide with a statistical significance value (i.e. p-value). The most common recommended is the Wilks’ Lambda; the interaction is statistically significant if p-value is less than 0.05.


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