Managing project time

Managing project time

Project Milestone Schedule
Paper instructions:
Final Project: Project Milestone Schedule
Managing project time is another important responsibility of the project manager. In production operations, organizational leaders typically have good information on the time needed for production runs. A manager at an automobile plant can predict very closely how many automobiles will be produced each week, month, and year.

A project manager is responsible for developing and managing a plan to execute the work of the project in a way that will deliver the product or service when it is needed by the client. Depending on the profile of the project, the process, time, and resources needed to develop and manage the project schedule can vary significantly. Chapter 5 of the Mantel text describes methods for developing a project schedule.

Project planning and scheduling is both an art and a science. There is a logical and methodical process for developing a network diagram and calculating the time it takes to complete a project. There is also a creative process for developing a logical sequence of activities and determining relationships between activities. Taking the same information, two experienced project schedulers may develop two different project schedules.

This week, you will first develop a schedule using information where the activities are identified and the logic (what activities precede or succeed a given activity) is provided. Answer questions 1–7 on page 186 and problem #25 on page 187 in the Mantel text.

After you have completed the problems in the text, review your St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility case study again. From the 20 activities listed below, develop a network diagram for your project. Develop your schedule with at least three paths and identify the critical path. How long will it take to complete the project? After you have created your first schedule, can you develop a schedule that completes the project in two years? What assumptions are you making?


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