Information technologies

Information technologies

Paper instructions:
Required reading for this assignment includes:
Kluge, E.W. (2004). Informed consent and the security of the electronic health record (EHR): Some policy considerations. International Journal of Medical

Informatics, 73, 229-234.
E-health records prompt safety focus. (2013). Healthcare Risk Management, 35(2), 22-23.

Americans support online personal health records; Patient privacy and control over their own information are crucial to acceptance
Surveying the RHIO Landscape: A description of Current RHIO models with a focus on patient identification.
Health Information Privacy
Health Privacy
My Health Privacy

For this assignment you will have at least five paragraphs in your paper. You’l l need to conduct a literature search and reference at least five peer-reviewed

journal articles. Do not use Wikipedia as a reference. Limit Google and general internet searches. Use Excelsior or other library resources, ideally research-based.

In your paper, include a professional website from your readings that substantiates the reading. Create paper headings to best answer the assignment requirements,

and the question you will formulate. You should have a clear introductory paragraph and conclusion. Between that, you should have several paragraphs which support your

clear research question. You may have a background section if needed. Look at a couple of the articles you find to see how they’re formatted.

In your paper, answer the following questions:

1. What strategies do you believe will best address the data protection concerns with respect to electronic health records (EHRs)?

2. Formulate a brief question involving data protection and EHRs. This will become the basis your thesis statement.

3.Consider and reference two of the following. How could they affect your work with heath care informatics with EHRs, and the question you have?

Stark Regulations and Exceptions

EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act)

GAO Report: EMTALA Implementation and Enforcement

Office of Inspector General

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA)

Department of Health and Human Services

State Hospital Associations

Health Care Compliance Association

HIPAA Advisory

Federation of American Hospitals

American Hospital Association

Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.)




Fraud and Abuse

Prevention & Detection

Regulations and Safe Harbors

Fraud Alerts, Bulletins, and Other Guidance

The assignment should be under 1,500 words long, but can be shorter. Use APA guidelines for format, in-text citations, and referencing. You need a cover page and

reference page, but do not need to include an abstract.


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