How Do You Analyze an M&A Deal?

How Do You Analyze an M&A Deal?

Team Project Week 6 Assignment Part II BRIC Country Assessment Analysis
BRIC refers to Brazil, Russia, India and China. The term BRIC was created by the Chief Economist of Goldman Sachs Investment Bank in 2001 and is now widely used in business and academia to refer to the four countries that are likely to have a profound impact on the global economy and business environment in the twenty first century. As part of the globalization theme of this Strategy Seminar we want you to become familiar with these countries and their potential role in corporate global business strategy.
Examine each of the BRIC countries plus the United States as the Home Country, to determine their projected economic growth, EIU Country Business Environment Rating (which you can think of as Opportunity Rating) and the EIU Country Risk (Use the Country Risk Ratings for the Industry you have selected, by using the various Country Business Environment and Country Risk reports that ae provided in the Conference Area. Drill down to understand the most important political, economic, and financial conditions and trends.
Read the rationale behind these ratings and dig deeper by reading other news stories about the political, economic, financial, business and regulatory environments in each country.
Also, from the industry research you conducted in Week 5, select one data variable to be an indicator of market size for your selected industry and use it in Week 6.
Post the resultant ratings for each country in a summary table or chart or both, comparing the country ratings for risk, business environment (opportunity). Include a brief summary of the main country conditions that contribute to the ratings.
Now that you have researched the risks and opportunities this week, you can incorporate these results with your work of Week 5 regarding the Industry Market Size and Growth.

II: . Determination of the target BRIC country for the proposed acquisition.
A. Comparative risk, opportunity and overall business climate of the BRIC countries.

In developing your rationale, be sure to address the following strategic dimensions.
• How would you tradeoff the degree of country risk versus the business environment ratings, taking into consideration the market size in 2017?
• How would you tradeoff the degree of country risk versus the business environment ratings, taking into consideration the market growth from 2013 to 2017.
• As a result of answering the above two questions, how would you prioritize the BRIC countries in terms of developing a global business strategy?

NOTE: In each of the elements of the Team Project, use some of the strategic management frameworks you have been learning about it this course or in your prior courses. These include:

• A. Industry structural characteristics rationale. Five Competitive Forces (Porter)
• B. Competitive advantage rationale. Competitive Advantage (Porter)
• C. Resource Based View of the firm rationale. Resource Based View of the Firm
• D. Value Chain rationale Value Chain Framework (Porter)
• E. Vertical integration rationale Vertical Integration
• F. Horizontal integration rationale Horizontal Integration
• G. Financial rationale Risk Management and RAROC
• H. Political, Economic, Social, Technological Factors PEST Analysis
• I. Other rationales.

Note: Write this up, integrating your answers in a way that demonstrates your critical reasoning supporting your prioritization of the BRIC countries.
Personal Application Conference Topic Discussion
Discuss in this week’s PA discussion area as early in the week as possible.
• Your organization’s past experience with mergers and acquisitions or other forms of alliances. Suggest some possible additional mergers and acquisitions or alliances that you think might benefit your organization.


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