Gender and Literacy in Early Years

Gender and Literacy in Early Years
Literature review, Education
Literature Review: Gender and Literacy in Early Years: an exploration of children’s books preferences


Project description
Dissertation Title: Gender and Literacy in Early Years: an exploration of children’s books preferences

Aims of the study (Research Questions):
Aim: To explore teachers’ perceptions of the book choices of Key stage 1 readers and their book choices.

1. How do teachers consider the book preferences of boys and girls as similar or different? And in what ways?
2. What factors influence children when they choose a book to read?
Focus on the argument that you wish to construct about your research question and identify a few key references for each element in this argument. You may wish to repeat your research questions at the end. (Approx: 5,000 words).

Literature Review must include:

Introduction (purpose of the chapter and ‘roadmap’)

Section 1: What sorts of ‘cognitions and emotions’ are at play when we choose a book? Are these likely to differ with gender?

Section 2: What is the evidence? Do the studies that state this have convincing methods and conclusions? Is there really a gender difference in book choice? Does that change over time (i.e. younger children – older children-adults?)

Section 3: What might explain that difference? (images? Genres? Types of language and/or text features? Peer pressure?) What might different types of books offer that might represent different appeal?

Section 4: How might the ways that teachers teach reading/read stories to children/set up book corners influence those choices made at a young age? Does it seem reasonable that teachers exert ‘hidden influences’ on the choices children make because of their perceptions (which influence their practices)

The conclusion needs to reach the point where the fact that there is a gender differences is clear. And that we don’t know if it is a real difference since with younger children, other factors will be at play (teacher perception, peer pressure, etc.)





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