Film: The Forgetting

(Netflix DVD, online at PBS

Alzheimer’s disease will have a huge public-health impact as baby-boomers age.  There is much research the causes and prevention of this disease.  It difficult to

diagnose and difficult to predict.

“Based on the bestselling book by David Shenk, The Forgetting is the first television program to tackle the entire spectrum of the Alzheimer’s epidemic, from the

personal tragedy to the worldwide race to stop the disease in its tracks.

The Forgetting, produced and directed by award-winning documentarian Elizabeth Arledge, also offers a
window into the world of Alzheimer’s research. World-renown scientists share groundbreaking discoveries on the disease, and explain how and why Alzheimer’s dismantles

the day-to-day lives of people like Gladys, Fran, Isabelle, and their families.

As the number of Alzheimer’s cases skyrockets and the research forges ahead, The Forgetting portrays the personal and social impact of the disease, and gives viewers

reason for hope.” (NY Times review)

At the end of your documentary review, connecting the film to course content, please address these

1.  What is Alzheimer’s disease (AD)?  What behaviors indicate this disease?

2.  How do people get AD?  How is it diagnosed?

3.  What are the roles of genetics and environment?  How can people lower the risk of getting AD?

4.  The film talks about three stages (early, middle and end stages).  What happens at each stage?

6.  The film has three stories. Which one is the most tragic?

7.  What can family members do to cope with a loved one having AD?

7.  Do you know anyone with AD?  What would happen if your grandparent got this? What about one or both of your parents?  What would you need to do?

8.  According to the film, what is the current state of research into AD?

9. UCI is doing a great deal of research on AD.  What is going on at UCI about this?  Who is Frank LaFerla?  Can you find other professors at UCI who are researching


10. When is World Alzheimer’s Day?


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