Excessive lose weight

Excessive lose weight


It is a problem/solution paper. For this paper you are being asked to think of a problem you have in your community, a problem we have as a society or a problem we have on a global scale as a species. Research is necessary to deepen and supplement your own knowledge and understanding of the issue; research is also crucial in order for you to discuss multiple sides of the issue. Your essay must also include solutions to the problem; you can consider current solutions to the problem and/or you may use your imagination and determine your own solution(s) to the issue. Discuss the benefits of implementing the solution and/or discuss the negative ramifications of not dealing with the problem.

A word about sources for your essay…
*at least one source must be a book from the EVC library
*sources must be reliable, credible and from well-reputed sources
*may use films, podcasts, and even conduct your own interviews with relevant and credible individuals
*must include no fewer than six outside sources

For the introduction, please describe why people are going to lose weight today and how to lose weight? For instance, in America, lots of people are overweight and it is very unhealthy, so it is necessary for these people to lose their weight. Moreover, in Asia, losing weight is very popular because Asian females especially young girls think a slim body is more beautiful. Many of them keep losing weight even they are skinny enough, and it becomes a mental issue.

The main problem is HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE? Please write down at least three detailed solutions including personal solution.

Please use the book as one source:

Title: Diet and nutrition sourcebook : (basic consumer health information about dietary guidelines and the food guidance system, recommended daily nutrient intakes, serving proportions, weight control, vitamins and supplements, nutrition issues for different life stages and lifestyles, and the needs of people with specific medical concerns)
Author: Shannon, Joyce Brennfleck.
Publisher: Omnigraphics,
Publication year: c2006.
ISBN: 0780808002

Topic Question: What do you feel are some of the more convincing aspects of BOTH the liberal and conservative perspectives regarding how people end up in poverty? What would you add to the argument (do you have any other ideas about poverty and its causes)?




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