Evaluation of Work-Based Learning

Evaluation of Work-Based Learning
Assessment Criteria

• Evaluation of the Negotiated Learning Agreement (NLA)
You should demonstrate an understanding of the contribution the Negotiated Learning Agreement made to what you learnt during the Placement. This will involve looking closely at:
(a) the value of the agreed Learning Outcomes to evaluate how far you were able to achieve them and analyse what helped or hindered this learning;
(b) any changes you made during the placement; what outcomes were altered, added or subtracted and the reasons for this;
(c) your own characteristics and behaviour as well as aspects of the situation in the organisation and the behaviour of fellow workers.
• Evaluation of Work-Based Learning

During the Work Placement you should seek to:
Understand as much as possible about your host organisation through its products and services, its structure and culture, the key personnel, the information and communication systems, its business and economic environment, current issues and problems, and how it views its future.
Your evaluation should not only include discussion of the above but also a description of the work done during the placement. More importantly you must provide evidence that you have evaluated the aspect of the organisation on which you decided to focus. You will have done some reading on this particular aspect (e.g. Marketing, Equal Opportunity, Leadership) during the taught part of the module and so will be able to compare the theory with practice in the organisation. You should state the book(s) you consulted and reference using the Harvard method.
• Review and Assess your Performance during your Placement

This should be a personal self-evaluation, e.g. How did you cope? What did you learn about your strengths and weaknesses? How did you come across to others? What ethical issues did you face?
• Clarification of Career Direction

You should look at how the placement has clarified/muddled your career intentions and why?What occupational skills, experience and contacts have you gained? What have you learnt about recruitment to the organisation?
• Review and Assessment of your job application skills

You should look at how you developed your CV and utilised the feedback which you received. You should also consider how you performed in an interview situation.


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