Engineering and Construction Safety

Engineering and Construction Safety
Assignment #1

From the website, download the OSHA recordkeeping forms (300, 300A, and 301). From the following list of incidents, determine which ones are OSHA recordables, and the total number of lost workdays. Complete the OSHA 300 log, one line per recordable case, the 300A Summary, and select one of the recordable cases and fill out as well as possible a Form 301 Supplemental Record. There will be information that you do not have—don’t worry about that. You will then calculate the OSHA Incident rate, the severity rate, and the average severity as described in the Powerpoint slides.

Demolitions, Inc. is a building demolition company that takes down large buildings in downtown areas. From July through December 2013 (26 weeks), their 300 employees worked an average of 42 hours per week with one week vacation. They worked Monday-Friday. The following incidents occurred and were recorded on an OSHA 300 log by Betty, a secretary assigned to safety records.
a. At 10 o’clock on Thursday the 10th of July, Tommy Tumble tripped trying to topple Tiny Tim’s toolbox. Tommy landed on his arm and sprained his wrist severely. He missed three days of work. He had to report for physical therapy 3 afternoons a week for the next 2 weeks. When he was at work, he had no restrictions.
b. Jill Foremost fell in the factory parking lot after the department Halloween on Saturday, Oct. 25 party that everyone attended. She refused to go to the hospital, but showed up Monday with a leg brace and claimed she had sprained her leg. She refused to show her boss any medical reports, but was placed on light duty (no lifting) for 10 workdays. Two other times later in the period she showed up with the leg brace and was placed on light duty each time for 5 days.
c. A large fire broke out at a demolition site on Tuesday, Sept. 23 and 10 workers had to be treated for smoke inhalation and emotional trauma at a nearby hospital. Andy, Bob, Chuck and Dan each missed work for the rest of that week, but returned on Monday. The others all returned the day after the fire.
d. Sammy Smasher skidded his car across the road and into oncoming traffic. He was going home from work on Friday the 13th. Tragically, Sammy was decapitated in the crash. Despite heroic efforts by the EMS, doctors were unable to reattach Sammy’s head and he was pronounced dead a few hours later.
e. Leroy McLoud learned during his annual hearing screening that his hearing threshold had shifted downward by 20 dBa. Larry attributes his hearing loss to constant noise exposure on the job. He has missed no work and continues to perform his normal duties and play the drums in a rock band.
Calculate the total manhours worked, (5 points) OSHA incidence rate (5 points), severity rate (5 points), and average severity (5 points).




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