Education Webquest

Education Webquest
Project description
A web quest is something you design for your students. You design a project for them to carry out in order to learn content. The content in this case is child development theory. ON the TASK page you describe the task you want them to do. Many times this is set up as a role play and they are solving a problem. ON the PROCESS page do guide them(elementary students) through the process; Examples;What websites do you want them to go to; What should they be looking for in order to carry out the task, etc. ? The task is a way to synthesize the information they find on their quest. The conclusion is a page that summarizes the topic and emphasizes what you wanted them to learn. On the whole web quest, you are TALKING to your students.
Create or modify a WebQuest for what you consider to be the most important events, beliefs, theories, and people (Luther, Comenius, Locke, Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Owen, Froebel, Montessori, Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky, Maslow, Erikson, Bronfenbrenner, and Gardner) that have had an impact on early childhood education. Include the following in your webquest:
• All the necessary components of a true WebQuest. (A web quest is something you design for your elementary students.)
• Include how the event, belief, theory, and people affected the role of the contemporary early childhood educator
• If you are adapting a WebQuest from another source, be sure to give appropriate credit and citations.
• Present your WebQuest in an online format.
• Post the URL of the completed webquest in a Word document, along with a personal reflection on your experiences with designing your WebQuest.
• Be sure to incorporate a reference list at the end of the WebQuest, listing all resources used in APA format. user name, bevcrawford16 password, flower



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