Descriptive Statistics


It is to show the measures of central tendency without a frequency breakdown of each variable. However, it does not display the median and mode. This is where the frequency command can be used because it can also give you the measures of central tendency.

  1. Click on the analyze menu- Descriptive statistics– click on the Descriptive
  • The frequency dialogue box opens
  1. Select the variables you want to analyze and then click the transfer arrow button
  • The variable(s) box opens.
  1. Select the display Frequency tables check box.
  2. Click the statistic button
  • The Frequencies: Statistic dialogue box opens
  1. Select the mean, mode and median check boxes in the central tendency section, select the deviation check box in the Dispersion section.
  2. Click ok button to return to the Frequencies dialogue box
  3. Click ok button.
  • The output window appears.
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