Business Research Project

Business Research Project

Supply Chain Management
Client: Sanken Power Systems (UK) Products, Bridgend South Wales
Project: Trusted Supply Chains
The Company
Sanken Power Systems (UK) Ltd is the European subsidiary of Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. – a leading power electronics manufacturer.

From its base in Bridgend South Wales, the company promotes and sells Sanken’s semiconductor and power supply products to its main automotive customers. Sanken have the benefit of the ‘Sanken European Technology Centre’at their Bridgend site, which was established to support all technical aspects of the Sanken product range promoted within Europe. Sanken perceive that they can therefore offer their customers a superior design and evaluation service, along with manufacturing support.

From such a product base, Sanken are confident that they can support your business requirements from our European base here in Wales.

Sanken is a leading global supplier of semiconductor products and consequently semiconductor power devices are Sanken’s core business. Many of their power devices are widely used within the Automotive industry for controlling and driving motors, transmissions, lights, high power switches and many comfort and safety devices. However, Sanken perceives an opportunity in Telecommunications for its BR200 device. Why?

• Optical communication is getting popular and Sanken needs to understand optical communication systems;
• Sanken’s BR200 device is necessary equipment in the telecommunication market and Sanken needs to establish a target market for this product and to confirm what kind of equipment is required in the network loop and if their BR200 device really fits into the telecommunications sector?
• Sanken feels that the telecommunication market opportunities lie with major players or OEMs in European market such as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx for example.
• Establishing the possible market opportunities, Sanken needs information to: –
o Narrow down potential customers,
o Position themselves in the supply chain (i.e. understand their tier position in relation to the telecommunications market OEM, and
o To consider how to approach their nearest customer to engage within the telecommunications supply chain.


Client Requirement

The client is looking for consultants to provide report bids outlining how they would produce a scoping study that outlines the following:

The concept of supply chain tiering and identification of the potential market structure that Sanken might operate within if they entered the Telecommunications sector?


Project Timescale
The duration of the project is 6 Months.

Consultants need to produce a 6,000 word report outlining the main objectives of the study and the methods that would be employed – following the A3 report structure provided.


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