Box Plot

Box Plot

A boxplot is referred to as a box and whisker diagram and shows the spread and centers of a data set like the quartile ranges. There are two types of box plots the simple and the clustered boxplots. The choice depends on your data type, select simple if want a plot one variable and clustered when you want to compare more than one variables.

A boxplot uses graphic elements to display five statistics at one time within each categorical value. The statistics are the minimum value, first quartile, median value, third quartile, and maximum value.


  1. Click Graphs-Legacy Dialogs- choose Boxplot
  2. Click the type of chart you want to display, either simple or clustered.
  3. Click Define to open Define simple boxplot dialog box
  4. Transfer the variable you want to see its medians and IQRs to the variable box


  • This analytic variable will be displayed in the Y-axis.
  1. Transfer the second variable to the categorical axis
  2. Click ok to view the output.




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