Board of Director

Board of Director

A collective group individual elected to act as representatives of shareholders of a corporation to establish the management of corporate set the company’s policy, objectives, and overall direction, and making decision with fair representation of both management and shareholders’ interest.
Power Root Berhad
Y.M. Tengku Shamsulbhari bin Tengku Azam Shah,SMK (Independent Non Executive Chairman) Since 2 February 2007, he was designate as independent non executive chairman. Y.M. Tengku graduated with a Diploma in Finance from Institute of Cost &Executive Accountant, Londan. He does not have any family relationships with any director or substantial shareholder of Power Root Berhad,nor does he have any conflict interest with group and Y.M Tengku does not have any directorship in listed entities, not a part of the executive team and does not have any responsibilities for executive management in company.
DATO’ Low Chee Yen (managing director) was designate as managing director on 2 February 2007.He was the head of executive management team in an organization and most powerful “officer” of a company. Dato responsible on daily operation of company and he was founding member of company one. His has13 years experience in the beverage industry and food. In year 1998, DATO’ Low Chee Yen venture his business in producing drink and concentrates then just start career in direct marketing.


DATO’ Wong Fuei Boon (Executive Director) was designating an executive director since 2 February 2007. Former to his involvement in business and he have operated mini- market in Johor Bahru. Dato’ Wong has former Power Root Sdn Bhd and Power Root Marketing Sdn Bhd with founding member, wholly owned subsidiaries of Power Root Berhad. He has effort and responbilities on group because Dato have working sales of the consumer product in past 25 years.

Datuk Sarchu bin Sawal (Non Independent Non Executive Director) was designate as non independent non executive director since 18 June 2007. Datuk does not have any responsibilities for executive management in the Power Root Berhad but he actually has personal relationship with the company. He is such as a member of audit committee. He graduated with bachelor of economic statistics in year 1977 at Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

Dato’ How Say Swee (Excutive director) In year 2007, Dato’ How Say Swee was appointed as Executive Director and Dato’How do not have the responsibility on managing the operation of the company. Besides, Dato’How was founding member of the Power Root Berhad. He has 21 year of experience in food retailing business.

See Thuan Po (executive Director) was also appointed as Executive Director of the company in year 2007. He holds a second upper honours degree in Accounting and Finance from the Political Science and London School of Economics and is member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Mr.See is a very experience person which he career path included auditing more than 3 years with Clarke & Co. Chartered Accountants, London. He also approximately 5 years in Investment banking with CIMB Investment Bank Berhad, having placements with the Structure Investment Division and Corporate Finance


Ong Kheng Swee (Independent Non-Executive Director) was designate as independent non- executive director since 15 February 2008.Ong Kheng Swee is a fellow of the association of chartered certified Accountants of United kingdom, and he is also a member of Malaysia Institude of accountants and fellow of the Chartered tax institude of Malaysia
Dato’ Tea Choo Keng (Alternate Director of Y.M. Tengku Shamsulbhari bin Tengku Azam Shah,SMK) was designate as the alternate director of Y.M. Tengku on 2 February 2007. When 1991, Dato’ Tea graduated with a law degree from the University of Hull. He was called to bar and admitted as the advocate and solicitor in 1993.


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