Assessment of Need and Capacity

Assessment of Need and Capacity
Paper instructions:
Students will search for and select an agency (Easter Seals) that provides healthcare-related services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. They will conduct an assessment of need and an assessment of capacity as outlined in the appendix of the Marks, Sisirak, and Heller (2010) text. The students will write a 5-7 page paper addressing all of the aspects of the findings of their assessment of need and capacity as reported by the agency. This paper should be double-spaced, with 12 size, Times New Roman font and APA style referencing is required.

In the Marks, Sisirak and Heller text i would like to have these questions answered
Students should be able to identify the following:
-Does Easter Seals assist with accessing facilities that enable staff and clients to be physically active.
-Does Easter Seals have a wellness committee?
-Does Easter Seals have a list of nearby restaurants with healthy food choices in their menus?
-Does Easter Seals provide a list of community based activities and their associated fees

1. Assessment of Need:
??Background information regarding the agency selected
??Description of the population served (demographics)
??Description of the health-care related services provided by the agency
??Describe current if any health promotion programs in place
??Discussion of environmental support for health promotion within the agency
2. Assessment of Capacity
??Discussion of organizational resources supporting health promotion
??Identify local community resources supporting health promotion
??Explain the organizational culture (commitment, policies and incentives,
structure, perceived workload)
??Description of employee knowledge related to health promotion
??Analysis of employee skills and attitudes related to health promotion activities
3. Analysis
??Provide an analysis of the strengths this particular agency possesses that will
facilitate the development of the identified health promotion practices
??Discuss the challenges or limitations that this agency may encounter based on the
findings of the assessment of need and capacity that was completed


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