Aging population

Aging population

The persuasive brochure will also function to argue for a proactive solution but will distinguish itself in the structure and approach. The
brochure language expression will target a general, non, specialized audience and organize language to “entice” readerstoward alignment
through a scaffold and engaging “call to action”.

The topic is “Aging population” you need to write out a solution forthe issue they

have with companies making them retire early and others not employing people overthe age of 40, they undergo health risks due to the
decrease in productivity.

It needs to be made on a word document in 3 columns on each page s it can be folded twice, font size needsto

be 11 and word count should be 600.

One example brochure has been attached below and a detailed page of how each paragraph needsto be

formatted has been attached as well, please follow the format shown on the page and have a look atthe brochure to get an idea to how it
needsto look.

a persuasive brochure needsto be written for a professional, nonacademic audience. It will focus on identical content and

arguments. These persuasive texts will identify a recommendation in response to the social inclusion issue topic. relevant Evidence to
support each Side efore aligning with

and arguing for adherence to a single recommendation. The persuasive brochure will similarly outline

the salient issues related to issue and implicitly guide readersto align with one side ofthe issue.

outside ofthe course materials and

demonstrate the ability to synthesize information and views from a variety of perspectivesto produce a coherent,well supported
recommendation. The persuasive brochure should include a data commentary to support the recommendations/arguments

(600 words need to be

used for the brochure). ln text refercing needs to be added, the reference list would be given on a separate page and not on the brochure.


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