accounting article

accounting article
Write a critique of a professional research article that summarizes, critically analyzes, and evaluates a published research article in the field of your major. You may find it helpful to go to a professor in your discipline for recommendations on articles, or you may go to the computer database in the library and choose an article that interests you. This must be an article in a professional journal, not just a magazine. In the Reserve Library under my name, English 3003, and Science 3010, there is a book, Readings from the Disciplines by Hult, where you can either find an article or get an idea of the type of article that you are looking for. There is a sample essay in WD, pp.115-117.
Unlike the last out-of-class essay, your object here is to critically analyze and evaluate the writing of a research article, not the issue. You may decide to focus on the experiment/research and the way it is presented, certain passages in the article, the way the writer uses evidence, counter arguments that challenge the writer’s argument, the way the writer uses language, rhetorical elements used by the writer, the scientific method used by the author, or a combination of these things. Pages 72-74 in WD will give you specific strategies for analyzing and evaluating texts. Remember you are looking for several things to analyze and a connection between those things in order to support a thesis. You must also analyze the form of the article, comment on how that aids or doesn’t aid your understanding of the article, and discuss whether or not the form conforms to the conventions of the discipline. Pages 285-88 or 404-407 or 490-95 in Writing in the Disciplines will provide you with information on the required form for articles in the different disciplines; read the section that applies to your article.
• The research article that you will be evaluating MUST be approved by me beforehand.
• Chap 3 pp. 69-117, Chap 4 p.143 & Chap 1 pp. 24-27 will help you with writing a critical analysis essay.



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